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Kamis, 04 Februari 2010

Toyota recall update

Toyota Statement on Comments from Transport Minister LaHood February 3, 2010. Customer FAQs About Accelerator pedal sticking and pedal floor mat entrapment Recalls . Toyota recall update .

We appreciate Secretary LaHood clearing his sentence today on Toyota's recall to keep the accelerator pedal. We want to ensure that our customers understand that the situation is rare and usually does not happen instantly. In rare cases where it happens that the vehicle is controlled with a solid and stable application of the brakes.

Our message to owners of Toyota is this - if you experience any problems with your throttle, please contact your dealer without delay. If you are not experiencing any problems with your pedal, we believe that the car is safe to run. Toyota recall update .

Nothing is more important to Toyota than the safety and reliability of the cars our customers drive. Our entire organization with 172,000 North American employees and negotiates contracts personnel working around the clock to fix accelerator pedals for our customers.

Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc.

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Toyota recall update

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Toyota recall update
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