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Senin, 10 Mei 2010

5 Source of Ideas for Your Blog Articles

Of course we have a blog posting is not it? Are the contents of the postings that? Was just vent and stories about our lives, or in the form of science? To be sure many bloggers who fills his blog with the article. This article can be a guide or explanation of a thing.
This article is very important in the blog because the article is one key to the success of our blogs. 5 Source of Ideas for Your Blog Articles, Sometimes, we can be a headache in looking for ideas to create the article. In making this article, we must look for fresh ideas so that visitors are not bored.

There are so many sources of ideas that may not yet unexplored. And some sources the idea that sometimes appear in front of our eyes but we did not realize it. Some people think hard to find ideas, when in fact if he is sensitive, so he may get the idea easily. Here are examples from several sources of ideas for our blog articles, and herewith 5 Source of Ideas for Your Blog Articles:

1. Google Trends

Google Trends can be used to search for topic-any topic that is being warmly discussed, and if we are quick in taking the topic, it is not impossible that we can become number one in Google in no time.

2. Forum

Be active in forums and you will find a thread that contains the questions, then you can help find answers and post them on your blogs, live next forum visitors navigate to your blog.

3. Comment on your own blog

I never experienced this, when there is a visitor who asked me something, and to answer it, I created an article and then post them and let the giver comment that I have answered the question.

4. Site news

You can search for news that was warm and then rewrite and publish it to your readers. Better search results with a niche topic for your blog.

5. Article Directory

This is where the storehouse of information and knowledge. Fad Try to open one of these sites and look for articles that are displayed on the main page, or you can find your favorite articles, eg fishing. From there you can know what's hot topic discussed or what was the discussion of the angler.

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5 Source of Ideas for Your Blog Articles
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