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Rabu, 03 Juni 2009

Indonesia presidential election

Well, Indenesia will do presidential election as well on July next month 2009. Who will gonna be Indonesia next presiden ? Who will be next Indonesian Leader and get power to control political and economic of Indonesia.

That is difficult question, because three party has own fans, and have own Indonesian supporter as well. Can you predict between three of the contestant ? . To many question , Megawati has good power, SBY has good leadership , and JK has great and fast decision as well.

Herewith the contestant of the Indonesia Presidential Election :

1. Megawati and Prabowo

2. Susilo Bambang Yudoyono and Boediono

3. Jusuf Kala and Wiranto

Well, that is the three contestant of Indonesia Presidential Election, you can see each face of the contestant, on face you can choose which one is have great aura and huge leadership management.

As i know there is three Great Major Army ex it was. I think this is will make interpol competitor as well. Just like on the movie , every single party has own power to the Army force.

Let see on next of July , who will be the winner, and what about your choice ?

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Indonesia presidential election
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