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Rabu, 22 Juli 2009

Kick Terrorist from this planet

Indonesia always get bad tragedy, JW marriott and Ritz Charlton bom by terrorist and many people are killed. The victim will kick terrorist from this planet as well.

Geede blog fill sorry to hear about this tragedy, this is not human act, kill each others on peace city. Terrorist always have way to make people disperate, well sorry my english were not good, but i realy want to write with english langguage, . . .

So what gitu lho, how can make terrorist fill free and build bom with easily on 1808 room hotels ? . Is there any great security there or terrorist more clever that us.

Ok, well i am closed to the terrorist i will kick him by my self. What about you, will you kick also ?


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Kick Terrorist from this planet
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